Building Project

We launched a major project to re-build the pavilion at Fifth Road several years ago. This exciting new facility will provide modern, comfortable changing facilities, an activity area for indoor training sessions and space for social gatherings and meetings.

Project Update – 2nd August 2018

  • As explained in our April update St Bartholomew’s school had, belatedly, come to the conclusion that they would not be able to grant NAC a lease to enable us to build the replacement club-house ourselves and that they would need to deliver the project themselves although they wouldn’t be able to do so if we couldn’t manage to transfer the extensive grants offered to us by both Greenham Common Trust (GCT) & Sport England (SE).
  • Both GCT & SE agreed in principle to the transfer but were quite adamant that the building would need to be equivalent to the one we had originally been offered grants to build and that we would have the same access (i.e. sole and exclusive use at the times we required it) for a minimum 25 year period. The last few months have been spent jointly putting together a draft Heads of Term agreement that would satisfy the GCT board and the school’s architect drawing up suitable plans both parties approved of in readiness for yet another planning application submission. 
  • I am delighted to say that at a board meeting on 9th July GCT agreed to transfer the grant subject to us entering into a Hirers agreement as per the Heads of Terms that gives us the responsibility of completing an on-line evaluation of the project within 3 months of completion and a 25 year term that cannot be terminated except by mutual agreement and includes an option for a further term on a similar basis of usage and charges. We have agreed to a donation of £50,000 up front and a monthly rent of £1 for the duration of the 25 year term. An overall outlay that will be considerably less than we were expecting had we been completing the building ourselves and without the headaches of maintenance etc. that would have come with owning our own building.
  •  As a result of GCT’s decision Sport England have also agreed to transfer their grant award to the school.
  • The school’s stated aim is to have a new building completed and habitable by March 2019 in time for the summer term. Whilst it is now their responsibility to deliver we will be chasing up progress over the summer holidays and on a regular basis to ensure that it stays on track and will update you with progress.