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Wynberg Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Rod Finch is a sports and remedial massage therapist Rod is an ex international athlete so fully appreciates the stresses and strains of the sport or even just everyday life, if you have any muscle tension or dysfunction and you would like to make an appointment then please give him a call anytime on 01635 278160 or 07917 815546 or send an E-mail Rod.



Sara Winchcombe is a registered osteopath and member of the General Osteopathic Council, who runs a running injury clinic covering most injuries including; achilles tendon, shin splints, iliotibial band issues, hip, knee or foot problems and many more. Osteopathy works with muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fascia and all joints to improve function and reduce pain. Sara helps out with the junior session every week, as she is trained in paediatric problems also. Discount will be offered to all members.

To find out more please contact:

Sara Winchcombe 07748 185713, also on Facebook.


Newbury Chiropractic Centre

Whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or professional, your body is prone to the same kinds of injuries. Repeated stresses can lead to a slight loss of proper movement in the joints of your spine, which in turn can interfere with the healthy working of your muscles and nerves. Your skeleton is a whole unit, and problems with the pelvis can often affect the hip, knee and ankle. Injuries can become chronic when they are ignored and left untreated.

A chiropractic consultation will help to establish the primary cause of your sports injury. Treatment aims to restore normal function to your joints and muscles as well as your nervous system, which aims to increase your control, co-ordination and muscle strength.

Please contact 01635 48088 or for an appointment, discounts offered for club members and their families.

Discounted Sports Massage

Lizanne Robey, qualified sports and remedial massage therapist and founder of Newbury Sports Massage has been helping Newbury Athletics Club members during evening training sessions. Lizanne has agreed discounted pricing for Newbury Athletics Club members.   For more information or email  Lizanne or call her on  07886101391.

Discounted Sports Shoes offers club members a 10% discount and free delivery on its already discounted prices. Please contact Emma Guite for the current discount code prior to ordering.

Newbury AC “Hoodies”

If anyone would to purchase a Newbury AC blue “hoodie” top then please contact E-J. They cost £16 each and come in sizes Small (35”/37”)  Medium (38”/40”) and Large (41”/43”)

Newbury AC Tracksuits

Club Tracksuit

Adult members can purchase a tracksuit at a club subsidised rate of £50. Please contact Sara Rudd for details.

Junior members who compete regularly for club may be awarded a tracksuit under the Award Scheme operated in conjunction with the Ollie Johnson Trust.