Final Thursday Night Training Dates and NRFC Mini-Roast Meal

The final Thursday night of training at Newbury Rugby Football Club (NRFC) will be on Thursday the 20th of December 2018.  The first Thursday night of training in 2019 will be the 3rd of January.

Following training on Thursday the 20th of December 2018, NRFC will be laying on a mini-roast in the club bar area at a cost of £6 per head.  NAC members are welcome to attend this event and if interested, could I please have confirmed numbers of attendance at this event by the evening of Thursday the 13th of December (tomorrow night).  This will allow NRFC to cater for the correct numbers accordingly.  Payment for this meal will be made on the evening by individuals.  The bar will be open for refreshments, both hot and cold.

If anyone wishes to begin training with a mince pie (or the like) on Thursday the 20th of December, then please bring them.  Unfortunately the idea of bringing in mulled wine is a negative due to the club’s licencing rules.

London Marathon 2019 Club Entry Draw Results

The draw for the sole NAC entry for the London Marathon 2019 took place prior to training on Thu 29 Nov 18.

The draw was made from 9 x unsuccessful London Marathon ballot entry applicants.

The club entry allocation went to:  Paul Endley.

A reserve was also drawn in the event of unforeseen circumstances, unable to attend, injury, etc of the primary club entry nomination.

The reserve position went to:  Hannah Coxhead.

Congratulations to both successful draw nominations and the time to start training begins now…there are only 149 days until the event!

2018 DRAFT Road Running League Table (part 2)

The DRAFT 2018 Road Running league table version 2 is linked below for fact checking.

These results have been taken from the Power of 10, the club FB page, results webpages of events that I’ve known about and from individuals themselves; there are likely to be results and timings that I am unaware of.

Please check that the data reflected on the table is correct for you, including PBs, club records, etc.  If the data is incorrect, please e-mail your corrected details (with a link to the respective results) to:

I will take silence/nil returns as endorsement of your respective results (ie, there is no need to e-mail me if there are no amendments required).

The tables do not show any promotion or relegation movements yet, that will come at the end of the year. The tables only show performances and points.


Newbury Rugby Club Thursday Evening Initial Gathering Area

In light of the recent infrastructure renovations undertaken at Newbury Rugby Club, the staff have kindly allowed us to gather for pre-training admin, announcements, etc in the bar area/large function room (which is through the right hand door from the entrance hall, then through the next set of doors, keeping the stairs to your right).

Gathering in this area allows the main club entrance area to remain free for other clubhouse users to come and go unhindered.

Please spread the word to anyone who may arrive slightly later and think that everyone has already dispersed to their various training events.

Roadrun for Thursday 25 Oct 18

Roadrun for Thursday 25 Oct 18:
This week’s roadrun will be Winter Route Kiln Road.
Rugby club to Monks Lane onto Essex Street and down Valley Road to Enbourne Road and to the Clock Tower. The shorter Group will carry long the A4 to Hambridge Road and through the Racecourse up New Road to Burys Bank Road. Then carry onto Monks Lane and back to the Rugby Club. The longer group will go along the A4 to Grove Road and Love Lane and back along Kiln Road to Fir Tree Lane. Then through Hambridge Road to the Racecourse up New Road and Burys Bank Road then back along Monks Lane to the Rugby Club.

Road run route (Thu 18 Oct 18)

Winter Route Conifer Crest In REVERSE!
Start at Rugby Club onto Monks Lane and then go down to Andover Road through town until Costa Coffee. Where we will go through Victoria Park to Shaw Road and Onto Love Lane. The shorter route will go back along Oxford Road through town until the Enbourne Road. Then they will go along Fifth Road and up Valley Road to Essex Street. Then they will carry on to Conifer Crest and then Andover Road then back to Monks Lane to the Rugby Club.
The Longer Route will carry on from Love Lane to Grove Road and back along the A4 to town and onto Enbourne Road across Fifth Road and up Valley Road onto Essex Street to Conifer Crest. Then Andover Road to Monks Lane and back to the Rugby Club

Tadley 10 Mile: Sunday 14th October 2018

Jeff Bird coming 1st V40 Male

Despite absolute torrents of rain and lagoon-sized puddle-lakes on the roads, congratulations to the NAC Tadley 10 mile team. 
Jeff Bird: 4th overall, 1st male V40 (1:02:25)
Conor McGrory: 11th overall (1:06:48) closely followed by
Nige Popplewell: 12th overall (1:06:51)
Steve Ferriday: 21st overall (1:13:27)
Christina Pugsley: 33rd overall, 7th Female (1:16:13)
Full results here:


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London Marathon 2019 Unsuccessful Applicants

Calling any London Marathon 2019 unsuccessful applicants.
NAC will be allocated a small number of club entries to the 2019 London Marathon (last year we were allocated 1 x club entry and this year is expected to be a similar number).
If you were unsuccessful in getting an entry to the 2019 London Marathon and you have been a paying member of NAC for more than 1 x year, please do the following:
1. E-mail proof of your unsuccessful London Marathon 2019 bid to (a scan, photo, forwarded e-mail, etc) or hand me a paper copy of your letter.
2. Please only e-mail/send me your unsuccessful entry if you have been a paying member of NAC for over 1 x year.
3. I will keep all of your names together for the time being.
4. I will apply to London Marathon for as many club entries as we can get (historic trends reflect 1 x entry). This club allocation should be notified to me in mid Nov 18.
5. Once the London Marathon club entry/entries have been allocated to the club, I will inform all unsuccessful applicants of the date of the internal club ballot.
6. All unsuccessful London Marathon 2019 club names will go into a draw where a name/names will be allocated against a club entry/entries and they will secure a place in the 2019 London Marathon. Additional names will be drawn to act as reserves for the principal runners (in the event of injuries, illness, incapacitation, unforeseen circumstances, etc).
If anyone has any further questions on the above process, please come and speak with me.

Opportunity to Participate in a Parkrun University Study

Please see the message below from Paddy Noon, a student at Marjon university:
Dear Newbury Athletic Club,
My name is Paddy Noon and I am a Master’s Sport and Exercise Psychology student at Plymouth Marjon University. I am contacting you to ask whether some of your club members (who participate in parkruns) would be interested in participating in a study that involves trying a psychological strategy.

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Berlin Marathon and Worcester City Half Marathon Results

Berlin Marathon and Worcester City Half Marathon results:
Berlin Marathon: Ian Coxhead 4,388th position, 04:15:59 and Hannah Coxhead, 22874th position, 04:51:59.
Worcester City Half Marathon: Stephen Elsmere 17th position, 01:20:49.
If anyone else took part in any events of note over the weekend, please let me know and your fabulous effort will be published for all to see!