2018 DRAFT Road Running League Table (part 2)

The DRAFT 2018 Road Running league table version 2 is linked below for fact checking.

These results have been taken from the Power of 10, the club FB page, results webpages of events that I’ve known about and from individuals themselves; there are likely to be results and timings that I am unaware of.

Please check that the data reflected on the table is correct for you, including PBs, club records, etc.  If the data is incorrect, please e-mail your corrected details (with a link to the respective results) to:  conormcg56@gmail.com

I will take silence/nil returns as endorsement of your respective results (ie, there is no need to e-mail me if there are no amendments required).

The tables do not show any promotion or relegation movements yet, that will come at the end of the year. The tables only show performances and points.


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