2019 Road Running League Table: Final Fact Check

The final version of the 2019 Road Running championship table (up to the final event 15, Tadley 10 mile) is linked below for final examination/fact checking.


If there are any errors or discrepancies on this table, please respond to Conor McGrory (conormcg56@gmail.com) with:

  1. Details of the error and correction required.
  2. Details of your race/time that require correction/insertion.
  3. An event race results URL for verifying your result.

Any discrepancies need to be raised before Sunday the 3rd of November 2019.  After this time, the table will be closed and the results will be formally published as a final version.

With final (provisional) scores counted, the following athletes lead their respective tables:

Senior Male:  James Knight (99 points).

Senior Female:  Victoria Duncan (40 points).

Veteran Male:  Wayne Lillis (99 points).

Veteran Female:  Liz Harkness (60 points).

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