London and Southampton Marathons – Sunday 22 April 2018

The club had a successful series of marathon outings over the weekend (London and Southampton), in what could only be described as unprecedented heat conditions.  The BBC news reported that the London Marathon was the hottest on record with highs of 24C recorded but with commentators stating that 27C was experienced at tarmac level.

London Marathon (provisional times taken from the London Marathon tracker app):

Steve BARNES:  3 hrs 00 mins 25 secs (1st club member to finish)

Mike SHERIDAN:  3 hrs 19 mins 55 secs (2nd V65)

Mike WHEELER:  3 hrs 29 mins 17 secs

Jenny EATON:  3 hrs 29 mins 18 secs (6th V55, a new age grade club record)

Christina PUGSLEY:  3 hrs 40 mins 23 secs

Hannah COXHEAD:  4hrs 25 mins 22 secs

Special appreciation goes to Ian Coxhead and Tony Douglas for their essential support and transportation throughout the London Marathon weekend.  Worry-free travel and sound administration contributes significantly to a successful marathon event so a HUGE THANK YOU to both Ian and Tony.

Southampton Marathon (provisional times taken from the Southampton results website):

Mireille COOK:  3 hrs 48 mins 21 secs

Sue VAN HUYSSTEEN:  3 hrs 53 mins 17 secs

Adrian MAY:  4 hrs 4 mins 18 secs

Southampton Half Marathon:

Liz PUDNEY:  1 hr 51 mins 46 secs

Tanja WHITBY:  2 hrs 9 mins 00 secs

As always, marathon success is greatly enabled through the support of club members, family, friends and supporters giving encouragement every step of the way so a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all supporters, either hollering on the streets or cheering at the TV at home.

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