London Marathon 2018

The results of the ballot for entry into the 2018 London Marathon are being confirmed this week. Congratulations to anyone who has been successful.

For those who have been unsuccessful, you may have a second chance…

Athletics clubs associated with British Athletics are able to apply for club entries into the 2018 London Marathon. The number of entries given to each club is based on the number of affiliated first claim registered members over the age of 18. Based on this criteria we would expect to be awarded 2 places and club entries will open towards the end of October.

Once we have confirmation of the entries, Newbury AC members who have held first claim membership since September 2016 can enter a draw for any places we have been granted. Please keep hold of your rejection letters or emails so you can pass this on to Road Running Captain James Craggs or Phil Marshall in his absence.

We will send a further update once details of the club entry application has been confirmed.

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