London Marathon 2019 Unsuccessful Applicants

Calling any London Marathon 2019 unsuccessful applicants.
NAC will be allocated a small number of club entries to the 2019 London Marathon (last year we were allocated 1 x club entry and this year is expected to be a similar number).
If you were unsuccessful in getting an entry to the 2019 London Marathon and you have been a paying member of NAC for more than 1 x year, please do the following:
1. E-mail proof of your unsuccessful London Marathon 2019 bid to (a scan, photo, forwarded e-mail, etc) or hand me a paper copy of your letter.
2. Please only e-mail/send me your unsuccessful entry if you have been a paying member of NAC for over 1 x year.
3. I will keep all of your names together for the time being.
4. I will apply to London Marathon for as many club entries as we can get (historic trends reflect 1 x entry). This club allocation should be notified to me in mid Nov 18.
5. Once the London Marathon club entry/entries have been allocated to the club, I will inform all unsuccessful applicants of the date of the internal club ballot.
6. All unsuccessful London Marathon 2019 club names will go into a draw where a name/names will be allocated against a club entry/entries and they will secure a place in the 2019 London Marathon. Additional names will be drawn to act as reserves for the principal runners (in the event of injuries, illness, incapacitation, unforeseen circumstances, etc).
If anyone has any further questions on the above process, please come and speak with me.

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