London Marathon 2020 NAC entry draw

This evening (Thu 19 Dec 19), the draw to determine who would be allocated the single club entry at the London Marathon 2020 (Sun 26 Apr 20) was drawn.  My beautiful assistant who drew the names was the ever-lovely Nige Popellwell.

In front of those club members present for training, Andy McKendrick was the first name out of the (literal) hat.  Andy will therefore represent NAC as the club entry at this prestigious event.

The 1st reserve place went to Alexandra Bettley.

Congratulations to both club members who will now begin their marathon training in earnest in the cold, dark, wind and wet conditions while the remainder of us settle down in a warm and cozy room with a large glass of dry sherry in front of the Christmas Strictly.

Happy training to them both!

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