Presentation and Social Evening 29th December – award winners

Message from Mike Robbins:

Congratulations to all the winners of the track and field awards for 2017. It’s been a great season for the club, so it was tough to decide the awards this year, and anyone who did pick up something should feel proud of their achievement. For those who couldn’t make it to presentation evening on Friday, the winners were as follows:

Best male sprinter – Sam Plumb
Best female sprinter – Amber White
Best male thrower – Jamie Kuehnel
Best female thrower – Charlotte Payne
Best male jumper – Phil Carter
Best female jumper – Trinity O’Connor
Best female endurance – Izzy Fry
Best male endurance – Matthew Green
Best multi Eventer – Jenny O’Connor
Progress Award – Mike Robbins
Best vet male – Wayne Lillis
Best vet female – Jess Franklin
Best young athlete U23 – Matt Davies
Best Young athlete U20 – Oliver Hewitt
Best U17 male – Reuben Langdon
Best U17 female – Bo Stewart
Best U15 boy – Lawrence Baker
Best U15 girl – Scarlett O’Connor
Best U13 boy – Nathan Delavere
Best U13 girl – Phoebe Ryder & Miriam Cooper
Best U11 boy – Freddie Wilson
Best U11 girl – Thea Osborne

Team Player seniors:
Mike Robbins, Jamie Kuehnel, Wayne Lillis, Rhys Ainsworth, Jenny O’Connor, Sara Rudd, Emma Downie

Team Player juniors:
Thea Osborne, Lola Thorne, Bo Stewart, Maddy Mitton, Miriam Cooper, Phoebe Ryder, Josie Robertson, Luci Robertson, Josh Hatton, Gabriel Martinez, Lawrence Baker, Oliver Brashaw, Callum Potts, Rhys Ainsworth

If you are on this list and haven’t collected your award, your coach has probably got it.

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