Road Running League Table 2019 (up to event 12)

The current 2019 Road Running championship table (up to event 12, Newbury Parkrun) is linked below for examination/fact checking.


If there are any errors or discrepancies on this table, please respond to Conor McGrory ( with:

  1. Details of the error and correction required.
  2. Details of your race/time that require correction/insertion.
  3. A URL for verifying your results.

At present, the following athletes lead their respective tables:

Senior Male:  James Knight (99 points) with James Craggs close behind at 97 points.

Senior Female:  Emily Craggs (39 points).

Veteran Male:  Wayne Lillis (99 points) with Nige Poppelwell and Mike Sheridan in joint 2nd with 79 points each.

Veteran Female:  Liz Harkness (60 points).

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