Roc Newbury 10km race results

Congratulations to everyone who ran today. It was great to see so many runners competing of different abilities and lots of family’s having a fun morning out all made possible by the hard work of the many volunteers, the race sponsor Roc Technologies and the many other parties involved so a huge thank you to everyone.

 Full results can be found at

A selection of photographers courtesy of Mark Davies can be found here.

Prize Categories were as follows: 

10km race – Men

1.  Callum O’neill of Newbury AC 00:33:28

2.  James Knight of Newbury AC 00:34:56

3.  Barry Regan of Newbury AC 00:36:56

1st Over 40:    Richard Gould of Alchester Running Club 00:38:19

1st Over 50:    Edward Taylor 00:40:55

1st Over 60:    Mark Stockwell of Compton Harriers RC 00:47:26

1st Team:        Newbury Athletic Club (Callum O’neill, James Knight, Barry Regan)

10km race – Women

1.  Stacey Morris 00:42:20

2.  Claire Hall of Team Hall 00:43:33

3.  Rachel Allen of Newbury AC 00:44:07

1st Over 40:    Elizabeth Gray 00:44:47

1st Over 50:    Sally Robson 00:47:54

1st Over 60:    Philomena Mburu of Compton Harriers RC 00:49:57

1st Team:        Newbury Athletic Club (Rachel Allen, Edyta Wilk, Laura Buchanan)

Under 11s, 0.9k race Boys 5-8

1st Jude Thorne 00:03:33

2nd   Finley Letchford of Letchford 00:03:41    

3rd    Rupert Knight 00:03:53   

Under 11s, 0.9k race Boys 9-11

1st Alex Hutchinson of Newbury AC 00:03:04

2nd Ethan Robertson of Newbury AC 00:03:07      

3rd   Finlay Corcoran 00:03:08

Under 11s, 0.9km race Girls 5-8

1st    Eva Roots 00:04:13   

2nd   Abigail Woods 00:04:23    

3rd    Jess Bowsher 00:04:27

Under 11s, 0.9km race Girls 9-11

1st       Zoe Allen of Team Kennet 00:03:12

2nd      Amy Bowsher 00:03:43

3rd       Lily-Mae Gerrard 00:03:48

Under 16s, 1.5km – Boys 11-13

1st      Jacob Woods 00:05:31

2nd       Oliver Lloyd  00:05:44

3rd       Thomas Taylor 00:06:11

Under 16s, 1.5km – Boys 14-15

1st George Ferguson of Newbury AC 00:04:58

Under 16s, 1.5km – Girls 11-13

1st       Kirsten Fraser of Team Kennet 00:05:33

2nd      Miriam Cooper of Newbury AC 00:05:45

3rd       Poppy Russell of Newbury AC 00:06:51

Under 16s, 1.5km – Girls 14-15

1st   Sophie Bhatt of Newbury AC 00:05:57

Thanks to Roc Technologies, Sir Richard Sutton Estates Limited (Benham Estate), Speen House, West Berkshire Council, Newbury Town Council, John Hoare – Race Adjudicator, Ken Littlejohns – Race Referee, Newbury Corn Exchange, Parkway Shopping Centre, The Canal & River Trust, Volkers Highways, Fyffes Bananas, Newbury Mayor, Council Chairman, Natures Corner, BST Fitness, Childs Farm, Wooden Spoon, Run Britain.

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