Roll of Honour

National Championship: Outstanding performances
2018Izzy FryU20 Women18th
2018Yaz RyderU20 Women31st
2017Izzy FryU17 Women18th
2015Charlotte CloverU17 Women15th
2015Izzy FryU15 Girls41st
2015Geoff AndersonM653rd
2013Charlotte CloverU15 Girls35th
2011Susie BushSenior Women43rd

Regional Championship Medallists
2018Liz HarknessF653rd
2017Mireille CookF402nd
2017Liz HarknessF652nd
2017Irwin FaircloughM602nd
2017Mike SheridanM653rd
2016Liz HarknessF651st
2014Geoff AndersonM651st
2012Geoff AndersonM603rd
2018Irwin Fairclough, Mike Sheridan, Geoff AndersonM602nd
2017Irwin Fairclough, Mike Sheridan, Geoff AndersonM602nd
2017Sarah Fowler, Sheila Marshall, Liz HarknessF602nd
2017Ann Stewart-Power, Sue van Huyssteen, Jenny EatonF503rd
2017Mireille Cook, Emma-Jane Bailey, Rachel AllenF403rd
2016Sheila Marshall, Liz Harkness, Roz PearsonF601st

BB&O Champions
2019Alex MuirSenior Men
2019Senior Men's Team (Alex Muir, Callum O’Neill, James Knight, James Craggs, Cameron Craik and Mike Wheeler)Senior Men
2019Veteran Men's team (James Knight, James Craggs and Phil Marshall)Veteran Men
2018Senior Men's Team (Alex Muir, Tom Watkins, Matt Green, James Craggs, Mark Vardy, Mike Robbins)
Senior Men
2018James CraggsVeteran Men
2018Veteran Men's team (James Craggs, Andrew Ind, Steve Barnes)Veteran Men
2018Jess FranklinVeteran Women
2018Josie RobertsonU13 Girls
2015Veteran Women's team (E-J Bailey, Rachel Allen, Sue van Huyssteen)Veteran Women
2013Jess FranklinSenior Women
2011Sophie CrumlySenior Women
2010Susie BushSenior Women
2010Senior Women's team (Susie Bush, Sophie Crumly, Jess Franklin)Senior Women
2008Marcus Bridger-WilkinsonU17 Men

County Champions (click here for list of team members)
2019Josie RobertsonU13 Girls
2019Izzy FryU20 Women
2019Jess FranklinVeteran Women
2019Veteran Women's teamVeteran Women
2019James CraggsVeteran Men
2019Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2018Jess FranklinVeteran Women
2018Senior Women's teamSenior Women
2018Veteran Women's teamVeteran Women
2018Senior Men's teamSenior Men
2017Veteran Women's teamVeteran Women
2016Jess FranklinVeteran Women
2016Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2016Veteran Women's teamVeteran Women
2015Izzy FryU15 Girls
2015Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2014Senior Men's teamSenior Men
2014Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2013Senior Men's teamSenior Men
2013Wayne LillisVeteran Men
2013Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2012Sophie CrumlySenior Women
2012Steve BarnesVeteran Men
2012Senior Men's teamSenior Men
2012Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2012Veteran Women's teamVeteran Women
2011Sophie CrumlySenior Women
2011Senior Men's teamSenior Men
2011Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2010Sophie CrumlySenior Women
2010Veteran Men's TeamVeteran Men
2009Marcus Bridger-WilkinsonU17 Men
2009Wayne LillisVeteran Men
2009U17 Men's teamU17 Men
2009Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men
2008Sophie CrumlyU20 Women
2008Marcus Bridger-WilkinsonU17 Men
2008U20 Women's teamU20 Women
2008U17 Men's teamU17 Men
2008Veteran Men's teamVeteran Men

Oxford Mail League Category Winners
2018Alex MuirSenior Men
2018Izzy FryU20 Women
2018Jess FranklinV35 Women
2018Senior Men's teamDivision 1
2018Senior Women's teamDivision 1
2018U13 Girls' teamU13 Girls
2017Kitty Shepherd-CrossU15 Girls
2017Izzy FryU17 Women
2017Sophie CrumlySenior Women
2017Jess FranklinVet 35 Women
2017James CraggsSenior Men
2017Irwin FaircloughVet 60 Men
2017Senior Women's teamDivision 1
2017Senior Men's teamDivision 1
2016Charlotte CloverU17 Women
2016Yaz RyderU20 Women
2016Sophie CrumlySenior / Overall Women
2016Jess FranklinV35 Women
2016Sarah FowlerV55 Women
2016Women's TeamDivision 1
Women's teamDivision 2
2015Izzy FryU15 Girls
2015Maisie JegerU11 Girls
2015U15 / U17 Girls teamU15 / U17 Girls
2014Sophie FowlerU20 Women
2014Susie BushSenior Women
2014Women's teamDivision 1
2013Izzy FryU13 Girls
2013Sarah FowlerV55 Women
2013Men's teamDivision 1
2012Sue van HuyssteenV45 Women
2012Sarah FowlerV55 Women
2012Women's teamDivision 1
2012Men's teamDivision 1
2011Susie BushSenior Women
2011Geoff AndersonV60 Men
2011Women's teamDivision 1
2011Men's teamDivision 1
2010Alex MuirU20 Men
2009Marcus Bridger-WilkinsonU17 Men
2009Wayne LillisV40 Men
2009U15 / U17 Boys' teamU15 / U17 Boys'
2008Marcus Bridger-WilkinsonU17 Men
2008Sophie CrumlyU20 Women
2007Sophie CrumlyU17 Women
2007Women's teamDivision 2
2007Men's teamDivision 3