Cross-country championships

Senior, junior and veteran leagues for both men & women will operate throughout the season to determine the overall Club Champions in each age-group. The leagues will be based on the best 5 performances in the Oxford league, the BB&O & the County Championships.

Points are awarded as follows: Senior Men and Senior Women: 1st Newbury runner = 20pts, 2nd Newbury runner = 19 pts, etc. All other Age Groups: 1st Newbury runner = 15pts, 2nd Newbury runner = 14 pts, etc.

All fully paid-up, first claim, club members have free entry to the league. For full rules see Appendix D of Club Rules

Note for season 2016/17 only: Following the cancellation of the BB&O and Round 3 of the Oxford Mail League, we have decided that the Best 4 scores from the remaining 5 events will be counted (U13s to Senior). For the U11s the Best 3 scores from the remaining 4 events will count.

2016-2017 table – Final

Past Champions: Men

2017James CraggsAndrew IndVladimir TsagovHugh BeattieGeorge FergusonTom Stevenson
2016James CraggsSteve Barnes-Samuel WrightGeorge FergusonWilf Waldon
2015James CraggsAndrew Ind-Samuel WrightEd FryOscar Reeves & Callum Fry
2014James CraggsSteve Barnes-Josh ReevesSamuel WrightToby Thorp
2013James CraggsSteve BarnesWill Tyson-Beni FryEd Fry
2012James CraggsSteve BarnesWill TysonHarry RussellBenji FryEd Fry
2011James CraggsWayne Lillis -Will TysonConrad BrashawBenji Fry

Past Champions: Women

2017Sophie CrumlyJess FranklinIzzy FryEmma DownieLuci RobertsonJosie Robertson
2016Sophie CrumlyJess FranklinRebecca DownieEllie GudgeomLuci RobertsonJosie Robertson
2015Sophie CrumlyEmma-Jayne BaileyYaz RyderIzzy FryTrinity O'ConnorMaisie Jeger
2014Jess FranklinEmma-Jayne BaileyJenny PudneyIzzy FryLily GoharaLuci Roberston
2013Sue van HuyssteenEmma-Jayne BaileySam van HuyssteenEllie WilliamsIzzy FryMaddy Mitton / Luci Robertson
2012Sophie CrumlySue van HuyssteenVictoria DuncanJenny PudneyIzzy FryMaddy Mitton
2011Susie BushSarah FowlerSophie FowlerSam van HuyssteenPolly MittonIzzy Fry

2015-2016 Final table

2014-2015 Final table

2013-2014 Final table

2012-13 Final table

2011-2012 Final table

2010-11 Final table