Road League tables

Mark Vardy – Men’s Champion 2017

The 2018 season is now underway. The initial table, reflecting promotions and relegations for 2017, can be viewed here. If you wish to be added / removed from the League please contact Conor McGrory

Please ensure you notify Conor McGrory of all results for inclusion in the tables. Please also notify Irwin Fairclough if you want your time included in the Age-Graded table.

Road League results reporting (Completion instructions)

Age-graded 2018 – as at 10th October 2018

Top 10 rankings 2008-2018 – as at 10th April 2018




YearMen's PremierMen's - Div 1Men's - Div 2Women's PremierWomen's - Div 1Age-graded
2017Mark VardyConor McGroryMatt GreenSue van HuyssteenPhilippa CassMike Sheridan
2016James CraggsMatt PembrokeGraham StentSophie CrumlyEmily MarshallMike Sheridan
2015James CraggsAndy McKendrickMatt PembrokeSophie CrumlyClare QuinnMike Sheridan
2014Steve BarnesStephen ElsmereDan ReevesEmma-Jayne BaileyHannah CoxheadGeoff Anderson
2013James CraggsMichal SzczepanczykNigel PopplewellSophie CrumlyEmma-Jayne BaileyGeoff Anderson
2012Steve BarnesNick JonesMike RobbinsSue van HuyssteenJess FranklinGeoff Anderson
2011Wayne LillisSteve BarnesAlex MuirBecky CoxheadMarie CoultasSusie Bush
2010James CraggsChris PudneyEmiliano EspinarSue van HuyssteenEmma CarterGeoff Anderson
2009Wayne LillisJames CraggsDean MakarSue van HuyssteenBecky CoxheadGeoff Anderson
2008Dave WrightWayne CopasRick WyattBev Hall-Geoff Anderson


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Newbury AC Road Running Championship
Rules of Competition

1) All participants in the championship shall be fully paid up members of Newbury AC.

2) Participants are responsible for making their own entry arrangements. All events must be entered in the participant’s own name, competing with someone else’s number is not permitted. Events must be entered as a member of Newbury AC.

3) Juniors will be eligible to score points, but only where UK Athletics age rules permit participation in the event.

4) The official results produced by the race organisers will be used for the allocation of points. “Chip times” may be used where available for the purposes of the championship, but only “Gun times” may be used to claim a club record.

5) Participants are responsible for providing eligible times to the Road Running Captain, though these may also be obtained directly from the race organiser at his or her discretion.

6) Points are awarded for best times over selected distances throughout the year. Distances included: – 5k, 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles, Half-Marathon, 20 miles (men only) and Marathon.

7) All qualifying races must be run over an accurate course in the opinion of the Road Running Captain. Measured off-road and multi-terrain races may be used for the purposes of the league.

8) Points for the championship will be awarded as follows.

For each distance in each division.

1st Newbury AC 20 points

2nd Newbury AC 18 points

3rd Newbury AC 16 points

continuing down to

10th Newbury AC 2 points

All others after 10th Newbury AC home get 1 point

9) Three Additional points will be awarded for any improvement on the runner’s personal best (PB) time at a distance. A participant’s debut race at any distance shall not qualify for a PB time.

10) Three Additional points will be awarded for anyone breaking a club record (including veteran’s records).

11) Participants are responsible for informing the Road Running Captain when they have achieved a PB or Club Record at a particular distance.

12) In the event of a tie in either the ladies or men’s championships at the end of the season the, number of PBs shall be compared.If there is still a tie, then the championship will be awarded jointly to all athletes tying for top place.

13) Each participant will be allocated to one division within the league.

14) Promotion and relegation can be achieved between adjacent divisions at the end of the year. Promotion and relegation issues and decisions in case of a tie will be decided by the Road Running Captain.

15) A trophy shall be awarded to the winner of each division at the end of the year, which may be retained by the winner for the following year.

16) New participants in the championship will ordinarily be placed in the lowest division. In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Road Running Captain participants may enter the league in a higher division.

17) Where a participant fails to record any qualifying times during a year, they will normally be removed from the league tables for the following year. On registering a qualifying time, the participant may rejoin the league in the division below. In exceptional circumstances (injury etc), the participant may appeal to the Road Running Captain to rejoin the league in the previous division.

18) Club vests shall be worn for all qualifying events except where:

a) The participant is running for a registered charity and wearing clothes supplied by that charity.

b) The participant is wearing a county or national vest.

19) In the women’s league, only the highest scoring 5 out of 6 events will be used for the purpose of calculating the final scores. In the Men’s League, only the highest scoring 6 out of 7 events will be used for the purpose of calculating the final scores

20) Members of Newbury AC may enter the championship at any time during the year, on completing a race at a qualifying distance.