Road League Championship

Mark Vardy – Men’s Champion 2018

Jenny Eaton – Women’s Champion 2018
Photo: Peter Cook

Please ensure you notify Conor McGrory of all results for inclusion in the tables. Please also notify Irwin Fairclough if you want your time included in the Age-Graded table.

Top 10 rankings 2008-2018 – as at 15 December 2018

2019 Road League Championship

The fixtures for the 2019 road league championship are listed below. Members are responsible for their own entry arrangements.

The final points table can be found here.

17th February 201910 milesBramley 10Entries closed 3rd February 2019Bramley 10 Results
24th February 2019Half marathonWokingham half marathonBerkshire county road race event Entries close 20th FebruaryWokingham half marathon Results
23rd March 20195 kmAndover ParkrunAndover Parkrun Results
7th April 2019Half marathonWhite horse half marathonRace full 5th February 2019White horse half marathon Results
19th April 201910 milesMaidenhead 10 Berkshire county road race event
Entries close 17th April 2019
Maidenhead 10 Results
6th May 201910 kmShinfield 10kShinfield 10k Results
12th May 20195 milesMarlow 5Berkshire county road race event
Entries close 9th May 2019
Marlow 5 Results
8th June 20195 kmBasingstoke ParkrunBasingstoke Parkrun Results
7th July 20195 milesDidcot 5Didcot 5 Results
11th August 201910 kmBurnham Beeches 10kEntries Closed
Berkshire county road race event
Burnham Beeches 10km results
25th August 20195 milesHeadington 5Headington 5 results
14th September 20195 kmNewbury Parkrun
6th October 201910 kmCricklade 10kEntries open
13th October 201910 milesTadley 10Entries open

2019 Road League Championship Rules

1) All participants in the championship shall be fully paid up first claim members of Newbury AC.

2) Participants are responsible for making their own entry arrangements. All events must be entered in the participant’s own name, competing with someone else’s number is not permitted. Events must be entered as a member of Newbury AC.

3) Juniors will be eligible to score points, but only where UK Athletics age rules permit participation in the event.

4) The official results produced by the race organisers will be used for the allocation of points. Race positions will be used for the purposes of the championship. “Gun times” may be used to claim a club record.

5) Participants are responsible for checking the Road Running Captain has captured your championship race result.

6) Points for the championship will be awarded as follows.

For each distance in each division.

1st Newbury AC 20 points

2nd Newbury AC 19 points

3rd Newbury AC 18 points

continuing down to

20th Newbury AC 1 points

All others after 20th Newbury AC home get 1 point

7) In the event of a tie in either the ladies or men’s championships at the end of the season,  the head to head results of the runners will be compared.If there is still a tie, then the championship will be awarded jointly to all athletes tying for top place.

8) Each participant will be allocated to a league within the championship.

9) A trophy shall be awarded to the winner of each league at the end of the year, which may be retained by the winner for the following year. Prizes will also be awarded to 2nd and 3rd places.

10) Club vests shall be worn for all qualifying events except where:

a) The participant is running for a registered charity and wearing clothes supplied by that charity.

b) The participant is wearing a county or national vest.

11) Only the highest result for each race distance will be used for the purpose of calculating the final scores

12) Members of Newbury AC will enter the championship at any time during the year, on completing one of the club championship races.


YearMen's PremierMen's - Div 1Men's - Div 2Women's PremierWomen's - Div 1Age-gradedMost improved
2018Mark VardyJeff BirdRyan HillJenny EatonLiz PudneyMike SheridanAndy McKendrick
2017Mark VardyConor McGroryMatt GreenSue van HuyssteenPhilippa CassMike SheridanStephanie Smallman
2016James CraggsMatt PembrokeGraham StentSophie CrumlyEmily MarshallMike SheridanRyan Hill
2015James CraggsAndy McKendrickMatt PembrokeSophie CrumlyClare QuinnMike SheridanJill Mowat
2014Steve BarnesStephen ElsmereDan ReevesEmma-Jayne BaileyHannah CoxheadGeoff AndersonPhil Marshall
2013James CraggsMichal SzczepanczykNigel PopplewellSophie CrumlyEmma-Jayne BaileyGeoff AndersonAndy McKendrick
2012Steve BarnesNick JonesMike RobbinsSue van HuyssteenJess FranklinGeoff AndersonRebecca Coxhead / James Craggs
2011Wayne LillisSteve BarnesAlex MuirBecky CoxheadMarie CoultasSusie BushJulie Coxhead
2010James CraggsChris PudneyEmiliano EspinarSue van HuyssteenEmma CarterGeoff AndersonRebecca Coxhead
2009Wayne LillisJames CraggsDean MakarSue van HuyssteenBecky CoxheadGeoff AndersonEmma Carter
2008Dave WrightWayne CopasRick WyattBev Hall-Geoff AndersonLynn Davies


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