Road League tables

The 2018 Age-Graded table has been updated to reflect results to the 7th October. Please e-mail Irwin Fairclough with any additions etc. If you want to be added to the league, please send your Date of Birth to Irwin and he will pick-up your results from the Power of 10 website and include them in the next update.

The  club’s standard Road League Tables are now administered by Conor McGrory. Details of the results reporting process are provided below.

As individuals are going to know their best times for events throughout 2018, you can enter your details in this spreadsheet and send back to me (I am likely to miss/omit results if I don’t know where to look).  I will then enter your details onto a consolidated table which will be updated on a monthly basis until the end of the year.  Events will only qualify if they happened in 2018.  :

1.  Save the attached file to your PC.  Enter your surname and name into the filename (so I know who you are – unidentified results don’t help me).

2.  Identify the Female or Male tab at the bottom of the page and enter your details onto the correct tab.

3.  Enter your name, best time, URL to your results (so I can verify your time), and add any comments (ie, if your event was a PB, a club record, etc) into the required cells and rows.

For those who can’t access the attachment (ie, if you have a mobile device), please e-mail the following details back to me as free text (

1.  If you are a male or female.

2.  Your name.

3.  What distance your event was at (5km, 5 mile, 10km, 10 mile, half marathon, full marathon for females.  5km, 5 mile, 10km, 10 mile, half marathon, 20 mile, full marathon for males)

4.  What time you ran.
5.  Enter a URL link to the event results (so I can verify your time).

6.  Make comment on whether this event/distance was a PB, a club record, etc.

I will send this e-mail out again at the start of each month until the end of the year in order to update your results (if you get a better time in an event).

If anyone has any questions or difficulties in completing the required information, please contact Conor McGrory.

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