Road records – Men

A club record can only be claimed by a first claim Newbury AC athlete representing Newbury AC, their University / College, County, or Country in an appropriate competition, or at County or National Schools. Please submit record claims as soon as possible after the event and no later than the end of the calendar year of the performance.

EventAge CategoryHolderTimeYear
5KSenior MenCallum O’Neill15:182019
Vet Men (40-44)Steve Barnes16:382014
Vet Men (45-49)Wayne Lillis17:292012
Vet Men (50-54)Wayne Lillis18:162017
Vet Men (55-59)Irwin Fairclough18:402011
Vet Men (60-64)Geoff Anderson18:522010
Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan18:372015
Vet Men (70-74)Mike Sheridan19:492019
5 milesSenior MenBrad Yewer24:352000
Vet Men (40-44)Nick Ballard26:052000
Vet Men (45-49)Bob Taylor 27:152001
Vet Men (50-54)Geoff Anderson29:162002
Vet Men (55-59)Geoff Anderson30:042009
Vet Men (60-64)Geoff Anderson31:022010
Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan31:002015
Vet Men (70-74)Derek Matthews39:342015
10 KMSenior MenJon Solly29:181984
 Vet Men (40-44)Nick Ballard32:072000
 Vet Men (45-49)James Knight33:412019
 Vet Men (50-54)Geoff Anderson36:442000
 Vet Men (55-59)Geoff Anderson37:492007
 Vet Men (60-64)Geoff Anderson38:372010
 Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan37:562016
Vet Men (70-74)Derek Matthews48:342015
10 MilesSenior MenNick Dorey50:421983
 Vet Men (40-44)Bob Taylor54:471997
 Vet Men (45-49)Dave Clark57:001983
 Vet Men (50-54)Mick Cornwall1:02:002000
 Vet Men (55-59)Dave Clark1:02:151991
 Vet Men (60-64)Geoff Anderson1:05.272012
 Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan1:02:532016
Vet Men (70-74)Derek Matthews1:21:532016
Half MarathonSenior MenSteve Smith1:06:521999
 Vet Men (40-44)Bob Taylor1:12:191995
 Vet Men (45-49)James Knight1:13:022019
 Vet Men (50-54)Mick Cornwall1:20:102003
 Vet Men (55-59)Dave Clark1:24:471991
 Vet Men (60-64)Geoff Anderson1:27:472012
Vet men (65-69)Mike Sheridan1:23:552016
Vet Men (70-74)Derek Matthews1:50:202015
20 milesSenior MenTom Watkins1:51.572017
Vet men (40-44)Steve Barnes2:02:312014
Vet Men (45-49)Steve Barnes2:07:562016
Vet Men (50-54)Chris Pudney2:19:002015
Vet Men (55-59)Derek Matthews2:34:432000
  Vet Men (60-64)Malcolm Knight2:47:162009
Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan2:22:392017
MarathonSenior MenBob Taylor2:25:361983
 Vet Men (40-44)Bob Taylor2:34:341995
 Vet Men (45-49)Dave Clark2:41:561983
 Vet Men (50-54)Dave Clark2:51:131986
 Vet Men (55-59)Dave Clark2:57:321991
 Vet Men (60-64)Dave Clark3:18:481999
Vet Men (65-69)Mike Sheridan2:54:242016
Vet Men (70-74)Mike Sheridan3:04:552019
50KOpenDave Wright3:36:212011
40 milesOpenDave Wright5:26:452010
12 hoursOpenMalcolm Knight63m 1636 yds2006
24 hoursOpenDanny Hawkins 210.38 km (note run on a track)2019