Road records – Women

A club record can only be claimed by a first claim Newbury AC athlete representing Newbury AC, their University / College, County, or Country in an appropriate competition, or at County or National Schools. Please submit record claims as soon as possible after the event and no later than the end of the calendar year of the performance.

EventAge CategoryHolderTimeYear
5KSenior WomenSusie Bush16:372005
Vet Women (35-39)Jess Franklin18:152018
Vet Women (40-44)Jackie Cooper18:512008
Vet Women (45-49)Jackie Cooper19:542011
Vet Women (50-54)Sarah Fowler21:262009
Vet Women (55-59)Anne Stewart-Power20:462018
Vet Women (60-64)Sheila Marshall23:302015
Vet Women (65-69)Liz Harkness25:492016
Vet Women (70-74)Liz Harkness26:472019
5 MilesSenior WomenJackie Cooper27:051988
Vet Women (35-39)Jess Franklin31:392014
Vet Women (40-44)Jackie Cooper31:592008
Vet Women (45-49)Sue van Huyssteen34:172010
Vet Women (50-54)Sarah Fowler34:392007
Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton34:052018
Vet Women (60-64)Sarah Fowler38:432016
Vet Women (65-69)Liz Harkness43:182017
Vet Women (70-74)Liz Harkness45:102019
10 KMSenior WomenSusie Bush0:34:212005
 Vet Women (35-39)Nina Martin0:37:452016
 Vet Women (40-44)Nina Martin0:38:112016
 Vet Women (45-49)Jackie Cooper0:39:502012
 Vet Women (50-54)Sue van Huyssteen0:44:322017
 Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton0:44:432018
 Vet Women (60-64)Sarah Fowler0:48:502016
 Vet Women (65-69) Liz Harkness0:53:33 2016
Vet Women (70-74)Liz Harkness0:56:582019
10 MilesSenior WomenSusie Bush0:58:052005
 Vet Women (35-39)Nina Martin1:13:252014
 Vet Women (40-44)Clare Quinn1:08:522016
 Vet Women (45-49)Bev Hall1:11:09 2010
 Vet Women (50-54)Sue van Huyssteen1:15:562017
 Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton1:13:272018
 Vet Women (60-64)Sarah Fowler1:19:342016
 Vet Women (65-69)   
Half MarathonSenior WomenJackie Cooper1:18:151986
 Vet Women (35-39)Nina Martin1:25:562016
 Vet Women (40-44)Nina Martin1:25:222016
 Vet Women (45-49)Rachel Allen1:32:172019
 Vet Women (50-54)Sue van Huyssteen1:37:272015
 Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton1:37:532017
 Vet Women (60-64)Sarah Fowler1:46:092016
 Vet Women (65-69)   
20 MilesSenior WomenJoy Toomey2:46:451996
Vet Women (35-39)Marie Coultas2:31:122013
Vet Women (40-44)Rachel Allen2:44:352015
Vet Women (45-49)Erica Gassor3:36:391999
Vet Women (50-54)Jenny Eaton2:41:212016
Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton2:43:532018
Vet Women (60-64)Sheila Marshall2:56:182016
Vet Women (65-69)
MarathonSenior WomenSophie Crumly3:05:262015
 Vet Women (35-39)Nina Martin2:57:482016
 Vet Women (40-44)Nina Martin2:56:292016
 Vet Women (45-49)Sue van Huysssteen3:27:262010
 Vet Women (50-54)Sue van Huyssteen3:27:172015
 Vet Women (55-59)Jenny Eaton3:29:182018
 Vet Women (60-64)Sheila Marshall4:08:322016
Vet Women (65-69)
50 milesSue van Huyssteen8:16.162012